My practice is a continuous flow of reinterpretation of visual information. It is a contemplation on the gap between reality and its appearance. As photography mimics perception it makes it a perfect tool for my inquiry, allowing me to linger on the process of visual interpretation — analogically stretching the distance between the world out there and our experience of it. My aim is to give form to the potential inherent in this distance, the state in between. I wish to foster the viewer’s ability to create stories in this gap and stress the value of subjective experience. 

Each work grows over a period of several months, gaining its complex structure through my experimental approach, giving rise to unexpected results. Applying photographic processes backwards, I start from the image itself and go back to its constituent parts — opening up the initial potentiality and liberating the image from its final state; this way creating a visual ferment attesting that we stand in an almost permanent danger of imbalance, of failing to regulate our extremes and loose grip, as everything is permanently in transition.

I apply analog and digital languages on materials that allow me to extend my computational modification methods into physical processes. In my latest works these have been fabrics as their transparency and flexibility lend themselves to layering and distortion of individually printed sheets. 

READ TEXT - Layers of Reality - Feb. 2020